LoopChat- Popular Social Media App For College Freshmen Reaches 250K Users

3 min readJun 14, 2021


The global spread of COVID-19 forced us to practice social distancing and self-isolation. While there was an instant need to contain the spread, social isolation did put most of us under some serious mental health conditions. To combat this situation, mobile app technology offered us some of the best solutions, like social media platforms. They kept us connected by eradicating the threat of exposure.

During the initial stages of the pandemic, we also observed the rise of some specially curated social media platforms, one of which is LoopChat!

You surely must have heard about the popular US-based chat and social media app. Today, through this blog post we would be learning more about this emerging platform, and the related business opportunities. So if you are looking forward to entering this emerging industry with a spectacular entrepreneurial vision then get ready to explore!

LoopChat; A Brief Introduction!

Launched by Jason Li in 2020, this chat and social media application address the persisting gap in the social media landscape. Unlike major social platforms, this one caters to the unique needs of university students.

The platform delivers an engaging social network for university students and ends their struggle to communicate and interact with one another. It can be only downloaded by students with working university email addresses.

The major idea behind the creation of this app was to foster meaningful relationships between college students. The platform enables the students to stay connected by allowing them to-

  • Befriend classmates on the application
  • Make plans to hang out together
  • Share class schedules

The lockdowns due to coronavirus triggered the number of downloads, because of which the app reached a quarter of a million user milestone. The platform helps college freshmen to join local communities to discuss classes, find friends, date, or hang out.

Latest Update- LoopChat Exceeds 250,000 Users!

The app quickly became a mainstay amongst incoming American college freshmen who struggled to interact and find their core friends group during the pandemic. That is the reason why the platform has now reached a quarter of a million user milestone, with more than 50,000 messages exchanged daily.

It is inspirational to witness the support offered by numerous active national and local communities with on-campus student leaders. Through this application they are able to assist new students with different aspects of their new college lives like finding roommates, dating advice, attending classes, and whatnot.

How You Can Draw Inspiration From LoopChat?

The scope of this platform is remarkable and it also received funding from investment executive and serial entrepreneur- David Jiang. Visionaries startups like LoopChat are greatly supported by targeted communities and investors. And, like LoopChat, the world is currently looking out for more such platforms that can redefine the foundation of digital connections.

The users crave dedicated social channels that can help them to foster valuable and ever-lasting connections. It can only be achieved if startups and entrepreneurs focus on the development of a unique social media app. For this one needs to learn the abecedarian of the targeted demographic before initiating the development. Only then you would be able to roll out an app that touches the hearts of your user base.

If you are not well versed with the technicalities involved in app development, then we recommend you to connect with a leading social media app development company in the USA. A brood of professional app strategists can help you with anything from market analysis to execution.

So what are you waiting for? If you are planning to launch an app like LoopChat in 2021, then go ahead and reach out to the experts. But until then, stay tuned to this space for more updates from the innovative tech industry.

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