Important Features Of Online Video Streaming App You Must Know!

3 min readDec 4, 2020


The whopping popularity and seamlessness of app technology have given rise to a set of transformations, and all of them are relished by the audience at a greater level. One specific transformation or we can say the innovation was because of the OTT services. Can you guess the tech we are talking about?


Before getting on to that, let us just address the fact that fame has given rise to huge competition in the digital market. And as a result, it has improved the core output of online streaming. Big giants like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Videos are making a lot of profit and are not shying away from flaunting their invaluable subscribers in reports.

In such tough competition, the small platforms fail to get hold of the users’ attention despite amazing content and a fully equipped OTT platform. If you are sailing in the same boat then fret not, as we have a simple solution for you. If you are dedicated enough, then you can find a way to outshine the tough competition prevailing in the market.

Want to know how???

With a set of amazing features, you can take the success of your online video streaming app into overdrive. Keep reading further to know more about them:

1. User Profile

This feature in the app must include some personal information. This needs to be done to deliver tailored video suggestions in the future. Just like Netflix uses blockchain technology to deliver personalized content to the users, this feature can also help in building up the bond present between the service and the user.

2. Live Stream

According to the stats, almost 90% of the viewers want to witness behind-the-scenes. They prefer online streaming when provided with a lot of behind the scenes content. That is why we have been seeing a sudden shift of the audience from television to online streaming.

Live streaming is, therefore, a must-have feature of your app, as it is the latest buzz. Streaming platform owner must also have the option to integrate the same in the platform. This would be the feature where only the live events are covered.

3. In-App Purchases

Almost 40 million users access Netflix in the U.S. through their mobile. Hence, the need for a mobile app for online streaming becomes unavoidable. But the thing to remember here is the user experience of the application and the user interface. Another thing to look into is the in-app purchases. Of course, a very less number of companies are adding this to their platform. But the fact is that it delivers a much better conversion rate, and delivers a huge amount of convenience, especially to the subscribers. For the end-user, in-app purchase is basically the subscription, and it operates like an unlockable model. But the capability to subsidize the main app, adds the cherry on the top for the content providers.

From a business perspective, you can let your users access the application for free and can then charge them for premium features. This would not only provide you with a loyal user base but would also compel the subscribers to get the premium version.


In order to get in the right review of the app and the related services, adding this feature at the end of the content can help you with the necessary change to be made, according to the users. It would help you to understand the user’s perspective.

These are the must-have features for your application. But that is not all. There is a huge glut of functionalities and features that you can integrate to make your video streaming app stand out in the crowd. So what are you waiting for? Connect with the experts today, and start the success journey.




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