360Learning: A Crisp AI-Based Learning Platform!

4 min readOct 27, 2021


It is rightly said that “Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it is the first step to humanity.”

Learning has ample importance in one’s lifestyle as it plays a tremendous role in nourishing our minds. Not only does it help an individual acquire knowledge, but to obtain necessary skills for achieving the desired goals.

Therefore, to take the same relay baton forward, a corporate learning platform has come forward and is doing exceptionally well!

Do you want to learn more about the new learning platform? Then, keep reading!

360Learning Raised Millions in its Latest Funding Round

360Learning is an e-learning platform that enables peers to develop informative courses and share them with others.

What’s more? The platform lets users use a combination of media to make it an interesting one. For instance, an individual can utilize videos, add questions, etc., to help others understand the course effectively.

The best part is that to be able to build a course; no one needs to be an e-learning expert. However, a user must have expertise in the field, and they are all set to share their theories.

The platform recently raised $200 million in its funding round and aims to expand its global reach, hire new members, and more.

Additionally, the company has also integrated Artificial Intelligence technology with the platform for the improvement of the overall experience.

Isn’t it incredible?

No wonder AI is doing outstandingly well! Whether e-learning or shopping, every industry is leveraging technology to improve the overall mechanism. Apart from that, businesses are utilizing the tech to skyrocket their profits.

Are you wondering if the tech will complement your startup or well-established business?

Interestingly, be it at any stage of your business, AI holds the potential to harvest exceptional benefits.

Are you not convinced? YOU WILL BE after reading more about what we’ve got to say! So, take a look.

The Trump Card Played by Artificial Intelligence

  • Elimination of Human Error

Humans are likely to make mistakes, and it is precisely what Artificial Intelligence eliminates. As we all know, AI leads to automation; therefore, the chances of accuracy are high, and errors are reduced.

  • 24/7 Availability

Evidently, humans cannot function all the time. Therefore, they need breaks and offs to stay intact with the professional lifestyle. However, on the other hand, AI machines can function 24/7 and do not require breaks or offs to freshen up.

  • Improves Human Productivity

There are numerous tasks that require repetition, for instance, sending a thank you email to all the clients. However, it can be boring for humans to do the same over and over again. Therefore, these tasks can be assigned to AI machines, while humans can work on prioritized activities, which will also increase productivity.

  • Digital Assistance

Traditionally, many firms appointed human resources for the interaction between the company and its customers. However, nowadays, digital assistants are highly being utilized that use AI for its functioning. These digital assistants are called chatbots that can answer customer queries in a jiffy, making it a seamless experience for the users.

NOTE: It becomes hard for the users to figure out if they’re chatting with a human being or a machine.

  • Quick Decision Making

It must be clear by now that humans can take time while performing tasks or activities. However, when integrated with other technologies, AI can help in quicker decision making, delivering faster results.

Cost of AI-Based Mobile App Development

Be it a feature-rich mobile app or tech-integrated, every app development costs differently based on numerous elements. Notably, there’s no universal figure that would apply to every app creation process; therefore, it is essential to note down the factors on which the estimation of expenses depends:

  • Choice of the platform- Android or iOS
  • Tech stack integrated
  • Number of features
  • UI/UX design
  • Developer’s cost

In a Nutshell

Every new invention comes with its pros and cons. Similarly, the integration of AI into apps comes with its advantages and disadvantages; however, we must only emphasize the positive side.

Artificial Intelligence holds a lot of potential, unlike any other modern trend and is likely to go a long way. Some of the most powerful industries that are incorporating AI into their mechanism include the field of air transport, medical sciences, banking and financial industry, gaming and entertainment, and many more.

So, what is your take on building an AI-based app and growing your business in a modern way?

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So, what are you waiting for?




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